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I Spent Most of February in 2008

In Memory of Dad

We Miss You DadBernie Goldbach in Ireland | Photo snapped after the 2003 funeral.

MY FATHER PASSED away 10 years ago today and I will always associate February with his memory.

I know exactly where I was seated when I heard of his death because I couldn't get out of my chair in Kilkenny after seeing an email with the subject "Sorry to hear the news." My cousin Debbie sent the email while working on a bridge crew with the Santa Fe railroad in Iowa. The outpouring of condolences from around the States kept the home phone engaged for hours. And when I finally got through to my mother, she was as stoic as ever.

We returned to the States to bury dad in the same cemetery as my grandparents. And Pennsylvania weather marked the occasion by burying our borrowed car under a fresh 22 inches of white snow. We'll never forget that week in February 2003. And we need to work out a way to visit Pennsylvania on the anniversary of George Goldbach's passing before the end of this decade.

We Miss You Dad

Looking back on Dad is easier because I like keeping a journal.