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Listening While Learning

Learning by ListeningBernie Goldbach in LSAD-Clonmel | Image from Sharonajoshua.

I LISTEN WHEN LEARNING and I've learn while listening. I'm asking students to share their thoughts on this topic during a #Febooary social audio experience.

There is real value to the interwebs when you cultivate your own listening and learning spaces. A lot of the secondary students I see in Ireland point out that they're listening to YouTube--a place I go to watch stuff--because its selection of high quality audio is really good. There's a social dynamic to their listening pattern as they share what they like in the form of links and playlists.

I like listening to feedback from students and online friends I've never met in real life because that feedback tells me a lot about the way I've communicated. And the direct feedback, in the form of private messaging, tells me a lot more than I ever expected when I first started my Audioboo journey.

I'm currently committed to sharing a snippet of audio once a day during the month of February because I'm intrigued by the thematic conversation that emerges when people respond to the same overhead question. It happens all the time in my classrooms and resonates across 10 time zones when the audio conversation is sparked inside the Audioboo community.

If you've time to spare or idle minutes to listen, you might enjoy some of the stuff percolating alongside the #Febooary hashtag.

Learning by Listening

Bernie Goldbach teaches social audio for the Limerick School of Art and Design. He is Topgold on Audioboo.