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My Best Newsfeed Comes from Google

G+MOST OF MY FRIENDS prefer to watch news break in their Twitter stream via short links. I used to do that until I realised I could get more context by porting alerts and flows from events into a live tile on my Windows Phone.

I've also discovered Google Plus delivers a higher quality news flow for me now that I've tuned my G+ by following everything posted by several news agencies who are active in one of my Google Plus circles. I also have a Circle of students, another of tech influencers and one that wakes up with Irish and UK voices every day from 6AM.

I've spent time making and refining Circles and that has resulted in the creation of a half dozen circles with posts that rarely appear in my home feed. I really don't look inside most of my Circles and I imagine that's true for the 6000 people who have circled me because I get less feedback and referrers from Circles than I do from Communities.

I like how Google Plus has evolved in terms of quality information flow and controlled noise. Twitter's noise has grown month on month and that's resulted in me using Twitter less and less. I use Facebook less than Twitter, hanging online there because of pressure from cousins in the States. Thankfully, the noisemakers have their playspace and if they decide to leap over to Google Plus, I've a noise limiter to control their musings.

Bernie Goldbach teaches Google Plus as part of the creative multimedia degree programme in the Limerick Institute of Technology.