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Power Cut in Irish Snow

Mosaic CandleBernie Goldbach in Cashel | Light from a single candle.

IT IS UNUSUAL to lose power in Ireland but at 4AM on 5 February 2013, we reverted to candlelight in our home because of an apparent fault in the ESB Network.

My immediate concern is my laptop power. It never runs more than two hours with WiFi and my USB 3 drive attached. I doubt I'll get to 6AM without reverting to my Nokia E90 for as my stand-by laptop, connecting it to the Hauwei E586 dongles that are still working on their integral batteries.

Since my standby phone doesn't have the suite of apps I need to get things done, I'm truly reverting to Old Skool while trying to wrap up details related to a full day's worth of third level lectures.

Back in my hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the Old Order Amish get by with life unconnected to the Mains. But they're ready and willing. They have little things like hooks in ceilings to hang propane lanterns. I don't even know where our five-year-old has hidden our battery-powered torches. And I can't even make a hot cup of coffee since we've no gas-powered hob.

Living and learning.

Bernie Goldbach teaches creative multimedia for the Limerick Institute of Technology even when there's no power.