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Roger Overall Digital Storyteller

Roger OverallBernie Goldbach with Roger Overall in LSAD-Clonmel.

ROGER OVERALL, digital storyteller, spent a half day with creative multimedia students in Clonmel. His 30 minute talk below prodded me to look at my own practise.

Like Roger, I know it's important to set aside time to read and write. Lately, the daily grind is getting in ther way of both important tasks. So hearing Roger grapple with the idea (and suggest a work-around) was invaluable.

We bring guest lecturers onto our small campus in County Tipperary to exchange ideas and to learn. While trying to record Roger Overall's presentation via a Google Hangout, we failed to follow our own protocols, so an online version of Roger's lecture didn't appear from our set-up. Fortunately, there's a YouTube version available on Roger Overall's channel. Thanks, Roger.

Roger Overall Digital Storyteller

Roger Overall -- "Your Product is the Hero of Your Story" on the Digital Storyteller blog, February 26, 2013. See the video recap at

We teach the power of narrative in the creative multimedia curriculum at the Limerick Institute of Technology.