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I SPENT SOME very productive years developing curriculum items for a blended education programme delivered to an international audience and noticed a job opening in the same space here in Limerick, Ireland.

The job is with SQT.ie and it involves developing, auditing and managing all aspects of the training company's Quality Management System. As a former member of three different accreditation teams, I examined the by-products of this kind of position. Clear quality control standards have been specified by Ireland's accreditation authorities and institutional frameworks need to be respected as well by training providers who aspire to maintain their accreditation and their professional relationships.

No more than a half dozen of the creative multimedia graduates from the Clonmel campus of the Limerick Institute of Technology have the skills for this interesting position. I have more details below the break.

The team at SQT Training have been providing real training solutions for well over twenty years. I know the training company's principal players. They need an innovator who can develop new training programmes and identify new markets across Ireland and internationally.

Some of SQT's online and blended learning pushes the edge of the education envelope by showcasing clever ways that ensure meaningful training complements the needs of continuous professional development of middle managers. This is a constantly changing playing pitch because knowledge workers are often dealing with substantive topics years ahead of traditional classrooms.

The SQT Training position also empowers the qualified candidate with overseeing key aspects of the Tender process, maintaining continuity with course promotional materials and staying abreast public communications channels.

A select few of the creative multimedia graduates I have trained during the past 11 years will have the requisite eight years of experience in training or education. But those candidates will have hands-on experience in academic Quality Assurance.

One of the benefits of the creative multimedia degree offered to students in the Limerick School of Art and Design lies in the realm of hands-on online with virtual learning toolsets. Along with producing oral and written learning materials, our graduates also complete semesters of Media Writing (for paid and owned content), Public Relations, and Social Media. All those skills would fold in nicely and potentially meet SQT Training's call for an applicant with "experience of online marketing tools".

If you've read this far and want to put your name forward for this position, please contact Siobhan Cunningham on +353 061 339040.

Bernie Goldbach teaches creative multimedia students the skills necessary to qualify for high-quality positions throughout the smart economy.

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