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Nokia Lumia Replacement Earbuds

HQ Nokia Lumia Micbuds
Holding Maximo iP-HS3 iMetal headset for Lumia.

MAXIMO'S iMETAL headset provides high quality listening and recording results when connected to my Nokia Lumia 820.

Unlike several earbuds I've purchased before, the iMetal headset works with iPhone (all the way back to 3G), Blackberry or any multimedia phone with a 3.5mm or 2.5mm headset jack. The iMetal's button control functions are dependent on the features of individual multimedia phones.

Its earphone drivers are 9mm neodymium. The earphones give me 18Hz to 22KHz response. Sensitivity is 1KHz at 0.1V. Microphone sensitivity is 44dB at 1 KHz. In practical use, I get better mic sensitivity from Lumia than from iTouch fourth generation. The microphone's frequency response is 20Hz to 16 KHz.

It is very easy to push the iMetals to 120 decibels so I advise saving your hearing before you know you've lost it.

You can get Maximo iP-HS3 headsets from Amazon for $38.

Bernie Goldbach uses earbuds to teach creative multimedia in Ireland.