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SoundGeckoBernie Goldbach in LIT-Clonmel with Jason Goff in Dublin.

BECAUSE I KNOW that a conversation with Jason Goff always leads to a lovely discovery, I'm trying to record a 20-minute phone chat with him every week and share the result. This week, we reveal our top three apps.

It won't surprise people who follow both @topgold and @eske on the internet to discover that Jason and I share some of the same favourites. What is interesting, however, is how Jason manages information flow with Sound Gecko.

Like Jason, I am time-poor and information-rich. The challenge I often have is figuring out how to read (or listen) to the flow of information as it passes through my feeds, email and browsing patterns. While I've developed a viable archive strategy, permitting me to find things that have a place on our creative multimedia curriculum, I've lost two hours of reading time at home because I need a better work/life balance. I want to reduce my time on-screen but not degrade the amount of material I reuse and reimagine. In pursuit of that goal, I frequently review my top three apps.

Top Three Apps

You can see the top three apps that Jason and I nominate below the break.


Everything I write online, send, ship, or share to lists is part of my Evernote stash. I trust Evernote as a company that will outlive me. I'm putting my digital essence (and a lot of my real self) into a time capsule on Evernote's servers.

An RSS Reader like Feedly or Wonder Reader.

I use both Feedly and Wonder Reader. I like Wonder Reader on Windows Phone better than Feedly because I can grab stuff faster and read summaries quickly on Wonder Reader than I can with Feedly. I hope both survive when Google turns off its Reader.

Sound Gecko.

A perfect way to pull content from the web and then to listen to it while you go about your daily routine.


Everyone should have a to-do list that works. Mine is Toodledo, connected into Windows Phone with 2Day. When the audio from this blog post landed on Audioboo, several listeners offered ways they remember the milk, from apps that fit their lives to post-it notes that need no recharging.

Bernie Goldbach teaches creative multimedia to Honours degree students in Ireland and asks two different cohorts of students what apps they have on the first screens of their mobile devices.