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Using VidTrim Pro For More Audio Too

First Touch of Audio-Evolution

First Touch of Audio-Evolution Mobile
Screenshot from Bernie Goldbach's Xperia Z using Audio-Evolution.

BECAUSE JASON GOFF pointed to Audio-Evolution on Android, I bought the app. It lays down multi-track recordings with dozens of audio software effects in the menu.

First Cut by Audio-Evolution

I made the above audio clip for fellow Audiobooster Phil Sorrell, just to prove the app worked right out of the Google Play cloud.

I did not read the online manual and just jumped right into creating a short clip while standing in a pub. The look and feel of the application reminded me of parts of Sony Soundforge, the audio package I use when producing clips for my blog and for Audioboo.

[Bernie Goldbach teaches creative multimedia using audio, video and other media text.]

There is good discussion about Audio Evolution Module issues on Facebook.

Download Audio Evolution v4 Manual