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Tech for New Swimmers

Seal SwimPhoto of Seal Swim neckband.

WE ARE TEACHING our youngest how to swim and that could mean she will be in the water by herself. I'm considering some simple technology that might alert us when she needs help in the water.

The €114 Seal Swim Monitor is a band that could hang around our five year old's neck and connect wirelessly with the guard band worn by myself or a lifeguard. When the neck band is submerged for a certain period of time, it sounds an alarm on the guardian's band and on its own charging station. Several bands can be used at once and settings can be adjusted to take into account the swimmer's proficiency. It communicates wirelessly over a range of 80 metres but I don't know if it's been tested to more than 10 metres in depth.

I know Mia would like a pink neckband. Customisable front cover plates help differentiate units specific to certain swimmers or allow a team to look like one.

Bernie Goldbach used to finish mile-long swims every week as a teen.