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First Thing I Put on My Lumia 925

Nokia Maps Got Us ThereBernie Goldbach is configuring maps on the Lumia 925.

I STUCK NOKIA MAPS onto a new Lumia 925, following a similar process I've used with other Nokia handsets. That's because Nokia Maps offer me the fastest navigation with the least amount of data than any other option I've used.

I've many friends who swear by Google's turn-by-turn functionality and while it's a credible option, it's also more expensive unless you download map segments for your route before you travel. With Nokia, you opt for a country's maps (and they can be weighty) and you get everything on the handset before you set a destination. The maps also present information through a City Lens and they use data from an almanac that downloads with the 2D and 3D map forms.

When I sign into Nokia maps, the system knows places I've starred as favourites and they appear on screen as I maneuver around. I've annotated favourite playgrounds, baby changing areas, and child-friendly venues on my handsets since 2007 so I have a wealth of specialised knowledge to hand when I use Nokia Maps as my guide.

My Lumia 925 handset also runs View Ranger and that means I'll be able to record some of my journeys as shared adventures, keeping some items as mapped favourites and other details online in the Share Your Adventure community.

(Bernie Goldbach has used Nokia handsets for more than 10  years and is a little biased by their performance and longevity.)