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Keeping Up with Bad Kitty

Eynimal CatEyenimal on a tuxedo cat like @topgold had.

WE USED TO HAVE a house-trained cat, like the one in the photo, who took adventures inside neighbours' homes. Although he didn't take photos with an Eyenimal video collar, he returned with stories to share.

Many of the stories started with someone up the street asking, "Do you have a black and white cat?" Then they would tell a funny story about finding Jack in a box or hearing him politely call for food while sitting under a table. With an Eyenimal camera, we would have enjoyed more context to the stories.

The 100 euro Eyenimal petcam is a micro camera that easily mounts on a collar. It has an integrated microphone, battery life of 2 1/2 hours, weighs 35g and measures 6cm by 1.5 cm by 4.5 cm. On board is 4GB in Flash memory. You transfer content via USB and charge it that way as well.

It's easy finding Eyenimal fans on YouTube, on Flickr and the #eyenimal collection on Instagram often entertains me. I'm looking for people who have playlists of Eyenimal live feeds because deep down inside, I believe the world is better when we acclaim the joy of unscripted cat videos.