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New Audible Adventures

Audbile with Enid BlytonLumia 925 headphone shot by @topgold.

WITH THE SCHOOL year just a month away, our five year old has discovered Audible books and that means she now has another cohort of narrators to read favourite stories.

At the moment, The Famous Five by Enjd Blyton is queued up inside our Audible app and Mia has entered an enchanting world featuring an old house with secret hiding places and underground tunnels. She listens to Julian, Anne, Dick, George and Timmy the dog working through mystery.

I use to listen to audio stories when growing up but they played on LP records and I didn't have my personal headset. Mia knows she is so lucky to enter her private storytelling realm, thanks to the cans she wears on her ears.

(Recommending Beyerdynamic over-the-ear headphones because it's harder to blow out your eardrums with them.)