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Struggling with Mobile Data Limits

Over my limitScreenshot from @topgold's Nokia Lumia 925.

THERE SHOULD BE NO reason that I need to use more than 2 GB of data each month with my mobile phone because I know what apps are the most data-intensive. I overshot my data limit this month because I tethered my laptop for an hour and I watched more than two hours of HD YouTube videos this month.

I needed tethering for a few simple laptop tasks and failed to kill both Windows Updates and an automatic Camtasia download. Those two things resulted in a 380 MB payload within a 20 minute period and that pushed me through my monthly mobile data limit. More importantly, it means my monthly O2 bill sits comfortably above €140, double the amount I normally budget for my account. Telefonica Ireland benefits directly.

I'm confident that my Nokia Lumia won't try to pull any more data over the air because I have set up Data Sense to automatically throttle the phone's over the air data usage once I reach 85% of my account limit. The screenshot on this blog post shows what happened when I removed the software switch and permitted normal email services to run with five different accounts on my phone.

Looking at the top three uses of my mobile data according to Data Sense on the Lumia, I've used 2.04 GB of tethering, 98 MB to download apps over the air, and 80 MB to stream while connected to O2-Ireland. On my Sony Xperia Z, I've used nearly a gigabyte with Google Plus, 278 MB with the Google Play Store and 251 MB pulling down updates to the phone itself.

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