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October 19, 2013

The 19 October Crossing

On the CrossingPhoto by @topgold with Lumia.

BACK IN THE EARLY 80S, I occasionally crossed the Atlantic Ocean 10 times every October. This century, I'm crossing once every five years.

I miss the oceanic travel but know I will never enjoy the legroom and service I once got at the pointy end of the aircraft. My bulkhead seat today on a Boeing 777 was as cold as some copilot seats in the Lockheed C-141. But the US Airways crew wasn't as garrulous.

I packed a lot of electronics to entertain me on the journey and realise now that I have to revert to a dedicated MP3 player to ensure I have at least 20% power on my phone after an eight hour stint in my seat.

I also enjoyed getting back in touch with every page in my Moleskine, leaving through unfinished thoughts as I prepare Christmas exams during a week away from the classroom.

I plan to walk parts of Lancaster County PA, perhaps connecting with my mom, daughters, brothers, cousins, old schoolmates and in-laws. I wish those mates would read my blog. Connecting would be much easier if all of us were on the same page.

I know I would cover a lot of bases if I used Facebook more but there is just so much noise over there since the second billion people signed up.

I'll be making noise on Audioboo as I record some stories from the 60s about growing up in Amish Country with my brothers.

[Bernie Goldbach's journeys fill Moleskines, audio collections, photostreams and blog pages.]


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Hi Bernie,

It's Stephen here (Ruth's Cousin). I'm in The EDen REsort Hotel, Lancaster, PA right now! If you phone them i'm in room 265. Giz a call to meet up mate!


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