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Wary of Beforehand Surveys

The Dublin Airport SurveyPhoto by @topgold with Lumia.

THERE ARE CUTE buttons you can push on Dublin Airport survey kiosks located at the halfway point of departures to Stateside destinations. There is a reason for placing the things ahead of the preclearance scrum.

The Dublin preclearance procedure for US passengers is thorough and repetitive. The triple-checking probably serves a purpose but it is still relatively easy to circumvent if you pay for a quick queue and sit in a wheelchair. But if you have two pre-teens in tow, the proceedings could become arduous.

I used to fly sensitive cargo into cloaked destinations. In my jaded eye, a lot of what the flying sheep think can prevent terrorism feels like security theatre to me.

[Bernie Goldbach snapped the survey kiosk attached to this post. He has crossed every line of longitude during his 3500 hour flying career.]