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Journey into Laois

Pembroke TerracePhoto by @topgold using Sony K800i.

I PASS THROUGH County Laois at least twice a month and today I've discovered more about the area than in my previous 15 years in Ireland. I can thank List.ly for part of that.

The List.ly creation shows places recommended by venue managers, community volunteers and heritage experts who operate many of the places I've passed by while driving between Dublin and County Tipperary. My kids would enjoy many of the things I've heard discussed in a County Laois working group and I think the collaborative list elegantly captures these ideas.

I talked about doing this kind of project as I stood under the North Pole today. I'm delighted my plans have unfolded as brilliantly as I had hoped.

Thought Under My North Pole


[Bernie Goldbach teaches social media for heritage in the Limerick School of Art and Design.]