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Another Semester with #icollab

First Page of Wundering Moleskine

Lucy #WunderingPhoto of Lucy snapped by @topgold.

I WATCHED MY NIECE sketch out the answer to the question. "Where do you live?" And when she finished both her Moleskine sketch and iTouch audio work, we shared her adventure online.

Lucy (6) has started a collaborative project with other primary school students who might want to get parents' help as they (1) sketch a place, (2) share an online audio of the process, (3) check into a nearby venue that helps define their place, and (4) tweet about the #wundering Moleskine.

If you want to play a part in this little project, please leave a comment on my blog, or talk to @daylightgambler or @iankath and we will work out a way to get you into the flow. The watercolour Moleskine will fill up with the work of 40 young people before the end of March 2014 and then return to Ireland's City of Culture as part of an exhibition co-ordinated by the Limerick School of Art & Design. Three of the Moleskines will feature in the Global Voices Conference in May at the Limerick Institute of Technology.

There will be six Moleskine journals crossing national borders throughout 2014--one for you if you want to claim two pages.

The First Wundering Report

As the Wundering Moleskine stretches its legs, we will watch it move across ShareYourAdventure.com in the form of a map plot. The first few movements were in place a few hours after Lucy finished her sketch.

First Map Trace
Screenshot from Flickr.

The map will dynamically display geotagged photos, tweets, Foursquare check-ins and Audioboos that come from the Wundering01 account on the various networks. Several dozen third level students in Ireland are part of the project to monitor and help move a set of different Moleskine journals throughout the world and then back to exhibitions in Ireland.

[Bernie Goldbach is supervising the Wundering Moleskine as part of exhibitions for the Pen & Pixel collective and the Limerick City of Culture.]