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Misogyny on the Curriculum

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I PLAN TO REWARM the topic of misogyny in a social media module I teach, hoping to discover techniques that work for creative college students. I have a family reason that motivates me.

I want to ensure my six year old daughter can handle the anxiety that bubbles alongside the social media streams many women navigate in their lives. It seems grossly unfair to have women expect to encounter raging misogyny as part of their online lives. And it's excepti0nally troubling when their complaints are easily dismissed by law enforcement agencies.

Amanda Hess writes a compelling piece for the Pacific Standard, laying out a chronology of abuse she has encountered online. She isn't the first to raise the issue in a prominent way and I know others will have similar stories to tell this year and next. Perhaps by spotlighting the issue on a third level social media module, I can squelch some of the undesireable behaviour before it ramps up in the workplace. 


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[Bernie Goldbach is the senior creative multimedia lecturer in the Limerick School of Art & Design.]