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Playing with ThingLink

Test code imported from ThingLink by @topgold.

I HAVE MIXED RESULTS when trying to embed Javascript inside a Typepad post and that's what I've done with ThingLink, hoping it creates an interactive image when people mouse over the Android character.

WordPress users could enjoy ThingLink embedding capabilities straightaway. It means being about to put an Audioboo (or a SoundCloud clip or YouTube video) into any picture image. It also works for Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. The ThingLink sample I tried on the Audioboo blog worked on my Nokia Lumia 925. I want to see what happens on LinkedIn when I try it there.

This kind of capability has interesting potential when trying to crate interactive walkthroughs of an exhibition or an interactive map with audio samples from days passed.

[Bernie Goldbach teaches creative multimedia in the Limerick School of Art & Design.]