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Resolved to Protect and Pare

Moleskines from O'Mahony'sPhoto of O'Mahony's Books SWAG by @topgold

AS WE START another year, I am reviewing my security practises and planning to pare connectivity costs while reducing digital clutter.

1. Locking up security with trustworthy measures.

I am concerned about our front door and also very aware about the integrity of the locks on my digital life. We will treat the physical doors with a layer of lighting and motion detection. I am treating my digital doors by changing one password every week and then reviewing those changes with the 1Password app on Android and iOS.

2. Culling contact details of my Dunbar Network.

I work directly with 180 students, 35 staff and 190 business associates. I want to wrap together all the best contact info on fewer than 500 people in the year ahead so I can listen to creative people where they opt to share their best stuff. And I intend to sync their data between my Lumia phone and my Google Plus Contacts. And there's more.

3. Auditing a trail of my successful backups.

I measure a successful week as one in which I send a minimum of a 100 MB payload to Crashplan. This year, I want to cross-check that process by pulling archived files down from Crashplan prior to releasing their changed versions.

4. Connecting my digital stash to my analogue family members.

It is time to begin sharing some of my 10,000 Flickr images with family members over the age of 70. They want to hold some of those snaps in their hands. I want to print one hard cover photo album every month, using the Flickr API and on-demand cloud service printing.

5. Cutting my data costs.

We spend €129 spread across four SIMs every month. I don't want that expenditure to increase. This is a very challenging task but one we can achieve by leeching more data via free and open WiFi.

Please let me know if you share any of these objectives. You can shout to @topgold on all good social networks.

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