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Teaching Tools and Tracking Thought Leaders

Thought Leadership Funnel
Image from Mitchell Levy.

CREATIVE MULTIMEDIA STUDENTS in the Limerick School of Art & Design will set out to find and learn from thought leaders this semester. Along the way, I believe they will enjoy listening to thought leaders on the FIR Podcast Network.

One of the most interesting explanation of "thought leadership" that dropped into my listening collection this month comes from Laura Mackey. She currently manages social media content and influencer relations for the software division of a Fortune 100 company. She helps define the social media communications for more than five key senior-level evangelists. Their programme includes a ”backstage” video/audio/written word production which began at major industry events. Later this year, she will launch a weekly version of the backstage program to help connect employee influencers with industry advocates. I learned a lot by listening to Laura share her views with Michael Procopio and Mitchell Levy. I shared their conversation as an audio clip below.

Laura Mackey and Thought Leadership

[Bernie Goldbach teaches social media and public relations to degree students in the Limerick School of Art & Design.]