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Technology Has Made Me Lazy

SignalsPhoto by @topgold of how calling someone used to be.

AFTER LISTENING TO several people on Audioboo describe how technology has affected their demeanour, I conclude my use of technology has made me lazy while also making me appear smarter.

Tech Makes Us Smarter

I'm following discussions on Audioboo in which people are commenting on different continents about the effects they believe technology is having on their lives. Some believe it has made them impatient. Others share my perspective--easy access to tech can make your lazy. I also believe the clever use of tech in our lives can make us smarter (or at least appear to be more intelligent).

But one thing has become more apparent to me--humans need to use the "off" switch and take time away from sentient tech. If I don't, I feel I'm imprisoned by the tech features of life around me.

[Bernie Goldbach discusses the effects of technology in culture while lecturing for the Limerick Institute of Technology.]