Cashel by Candlelight
Thanking @Macolgan for Direct Electrical Advice

Burnt Nuts for Toast

ONE OF THE JOYS of living without electrical power in 21st century Ireland is watching how our senses attempt to normalise life. This morning several noses thought our toaster had returned from the dead because the aroma of fresh roasted was in the air--the smell came from a candle that had lighted the nuts at its base.

Fifty hours without power have decimated our supply of candles, even though we were not using candlepower to read at night. I discovered I need two candlepower to shave and each bedroom needs the same candle battery in place to create a friendly dancing shadow effect on the walls.

Like my family three generations ago, we have adopted a common room routine, moving everything we do together into the kitchen. We immediately see the need to get a time-tested solid fuel Aga Stove now that 21st century winter weather patterns have imposed their will on Ireland.

[Photo of simulated toast snapped by @topgold with Lumia. Content sent mail2blog using battery powered O2-Typepad service.]