Morning Snow Pellets
@documentally Visits Candlelot

@documentally Visits Candlelot

ONE FAT CANDLE burns gloriously on our kitchen table as I anticipate how we will accommodate Christian @documentally Payne in snow-swept Cashel. The answer is in the hum of the generator across the street at Peggy O'Neal's B&B.

When asked how she would find her way safely on and out of our windowless bathroom, our six year old daughter quickly pointed to the Flashlight app on my Nokia Lumia 925. Her 15 minutes of exploration reduced battery life by 22%. So we introduced her to the fat candles in the house, showing her why they are year-round Christmas decorations.

Snow is falling horizontally around the Rock of Cashel. The only lighted licensed premises is the Cashel Palace Hotel--a fine venue with candlesticks and tapers.

I expect to hear crunching metal as some local resident misjudges the turn into our housing estate since its tight entranceway is now unlighted. We live at the throat of the estate and that could mean we will help remove plastic trim from our shrubbery at daybreak.

We could not have planned a better welcome to the sunny southeast of Ireland for distinguished guest Christian Payne.

[Photo of candle by @topgold using a Nokia Lumia.]