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February 25, 2014

First Sighting of Travel Advisories on Dash

WHILE DRIVING from the outskirts of Limerick, I watched a Traffic Announcement fill the screen of our 2010 Nissan Qashqai. It was the first time I saw that live traffic advisory in Ireland.

Limerick's Live95 provides the TA service and its information covers counties Limerick, Clare, Galway, and Tipperary--although it may extend farther than the announcements I have heard for these areas.

I miss the Stau reports that I heard on German radio when I lived there. They would beam onto the car's audio at five and 35 minutes past the hour with immediate transmissions of exceptionally hazardous situations. Those just-in-time advisories saved me from head-on collisions late at night on German roads. I haven't heard the same kind of suicidal driving relayed by AA Roadwatch in Ireland and wonder if the Irish TA service would interrupt regular programming with a loud booming voice if the same kind of threat was reported on an Irish road.

[Photo of Qashqai Connect screen snapped by @topgold using a Lumia 925.]



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