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My All-Night Nokia

Lumia BatteryScreenshot from Lumia 925 by @topgold.

WE HAD SEVERAL days of power outages this winter so my Nokia Lumia had primary opportunities to prove it could go two days between rechargings.

I cherish the resilience of my Nokia 925 on nights when its iPhone and Android brothers could perform as long as the intelligent power-saving from Nokia. The large screen on my Xperia Z draws too much power and its notifications don't seem to totally squelch since some apps do not listen to the universal settings. Our iPhone needs to have its wifi connectivity switched off if we expect it to function as an alarm clock the next morning.

Battery saving easily toggles on and off with my Nokia Lumia. I can easily extend the Lumia 925's duty day by four hours merely by switching off push email service. And using the "Battery Saver" in "Settings" turns off a myriad of services while in standby, resulting in another two hours of extended phone duty day for me.

[Bernie Goldbach uses his Lumia 925 to create multimedia in the Limerick School of Art & Design.]