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Screenshot created by Wordle from @johnpeavoy's musings.


WE HAVE GUEST speakers visit the LSAD-Clonmel campus every fortnight and some of them get special treatment when our resident animators sketch the presentations in full flow. The results [1] give a special sense of 360 degree feedback.

Before the end of March 2014, John Peavoy will visit and enjoy the same treatment. I've heard John's  rock-solid advice shared with unemployed Dell workers and want to see his 2014 version. Ahead of the visit, I've generated a Word Cloud that represents the gist of the email conversations we've had. And I'm sharing the result on my blog and on Flickr.

I'm also using this blog entry to point out the Wundering Moleskine that captures answers to the question, "Where do you want to go?" [2] And I hope some of our campus animators opt to sketch answers to the question in the book as it moves between campus locations throughout Ireland. [3]

[Bernie Goldbach is the senior creative multimedia lecturer in the Limerick Institute of Technology.]

1. Documentally Artists on Flickr.

2. The Wundering Moleskine on Flickr. (

3. You can follow the Wundering Moleskine on ShareYourAdventure by going to