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First Look at Responsive Typepad

First Responsive Typepad
Screenshot from by @topgold as seen on a Nokia Lumia 1520.

A WELCOME NOTE from Say Media informed me of the Snap Template for Typepad. This marks the first time I have seen the option for a responsive template with Typepad services and I hope to discover the responsive capability works with advanced templates too.

The Internet and Web Technology module I teach at the Limerick Institute of Technology gave quick and dirty treatment to responsive HTML. I think there is scope for a line item of responsive design as part of the final continuous assessment project in the first year #webtech module. In reality, most web hosting platforms offer basic responsive services one click away from a default design. The real talent emerges when people can create responsive design for inline media, email and web.

[Bernie Goldbach teaches #webtech in the Limerick Institute of Technology.]