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Reflections of a Distracted Driver

ShiftingPhoto by @topgold with Lumia 1520.

LIKE DOZENS OF drivers I see every day, I use technology while underway in Ireland. That means for most of the 1200 km I travel every month between third level campus locations, I am building a use case of best practise.

Depending on how you define it, distracted is how everyone drives. I remember how my dad was cited by the Pennsylvania Highway Patrol when he reached behind his seat and smacked my brother who was fighting with the middle brother. Once a fortnight, I slow down or move to the shoulder of the road to accommodate someone coming towards me who needs time to text. I see people putting on make up while driving, drinking coffee while turning, and reading magazines gripped on steering wheels.

Distracted driving runs rampant across the world. Knowing the risks are greater now than ever before, I let my Lumia phone connect to our Qashqai stereo speakers and pump out podcasts on playlists dynamically generated by Bringcast.

How about you?

[Bernie Goldbach is a mobile road warrior supporting the Limerick Institute of Technology.]