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Cortana Offline Commands

Hi Cortana
Screenshot of Cortana by @topgold on Lumia.

MY ADVENTURES WITH voice-activated commands using Cortana on a Nokia Lumia 1520 have started. I've made a short list of words it understands without the need for data services.

Cortana knows how to "Open email" and most helpfully Cortana can "Launch Gmail".

Cortana can "Call Mom" because I've put my mother into a circle. I had to make "Ruth" into "Ruthie" to ensure clarity in my wife's case.

"Play Rock" cues up the largest genre of music on my handset. When I ask Cortana to "Play Steppenwolf" (or any other artist not on my handset or an artist it does not understand), the handset wants internet connectivity.

"Show reminders" and Cortana opens the Remind me app.

It's easy to toggle settings on and off just by saying "turn off Wi-Fi" or "turn off bluetooth" or "turn on flight mode". And Cortana can do the reverse on each of those settings too.

I've discovered several Easter eggs that are in the audio clip below.