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April 24, 2014

Distracted Driving Clampdown for Two Days

Waze Camera
Screenshot of Garda Traffic Corps activity spotted on Lumia 1520.

IRELAND MOUNTS two days of clampdown against people who use their mobile phones while driving. And Waze is showing evidence of the activity on my Lumia 1520 screen (above).

Although Waze on my Windows Phone isn't as alert as a well-tuned radar detector, Waze on an Irish road seems to alert me to half of the active speed cameras along my travel routes around Dublin, Limerick and Cork. Because it's user-generated content, it also shows silent motorcyle or stationary Garda Traffic Corps activity. It feels like tech that is smarter than the things it monitors.

[Bernie Goldbach sees at least three people using their mobile phones while driving the 12 mile morning commute along a rural road that is never monitored.]


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