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Marking a Major Climb

The Big Climb
Photo of Dylan the climber snapped with Lumia 1560.

WHILE MOST OF the voices I hear talking in audio journals describe major accomplishments ascending mountains, I am recording a major ascent in our local play centre as two year old Dylan hits the top of a six metre tall slide.

The final two metres are slick, requiring climbers to negotiate blocks on a 45 degree incline. It is a combination of physical strength, coordination and confidence.

Well done, little man Dylan!

When Teachers Talk

The Posse
Markers used by two resident artists.

OUR SENIOR INFANT often recites information coming directly from her classroom teachers. Last week, we learned that you should not end a normal sentence on a note of inquisitiveness.

I respect that advice because nearly every one of my American cousins talk that way? You know, with a little rhetorical twist when they pause for breath? I'm putting the question marks in this blog post to hear how Soundgecko reads this post? [1]

When Teachers Talk

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Wondering about #Typepad Network Resilience

Typepad Offline
Screenshot from many of my Typepad log-ins during five days.

I WATCHED my blog's webstats start to fade to nothing on Good Friday but then its entire support structure appeared to collapse during the Irish Easter holiday. Its slow return to form has me concerned for Say Media's network resilience.

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Suunto Ambit 2 on my Wishlist

Suunto Ambit 2
Screenshot from @topgold.

I PUT THE world's best GPS watch onto my Father's Day Wishlist and then started letting the Suunto Google Plus Community push its updates to my phone because I know the combination of those two tactics will help me divert my fast food spending into the Suunto Savings Account. I figure I will have enough money for the Suunto after avoiding 117 takeaway meals.

So that means sometime around Christmas 2015 I'll have the funds for the $500 purchase and I think my well-telegraphed intentions will help nudge this health and fitness tracker into my Christmas stocking. It will be worth the wait.

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