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April 01, 2014

More Old Skool with Digital Creatives

Clayton Moleskines
Photo of Moleskines by @topgold.

I MAKE A STACK of Moleskines every academic year and they contain snippets of business intelligence that I share with creative multimedia students. Some of that sharing takes me back to Old Skool tactics that I have embedded into course material.

My FTP Practicals have taken a step forward because I discovered some students can poke through the proxy and drop their files onto our remote server. I hope to record some tradesmen's tips from those students as we review their approach to a Linux server through an FTP window.

Although server-side software makes the creation and sharing of MP3 files much easier, I know it is very important to produce MP3 files from personal audio. That production process needs to involve the creation of cover art and ID3 tags. I believe every third level creative multimedia graduate should have these skills along with the ability to syndicate the content through established web publishing practises. We are diving into these processes through a series of practical sessions.

I also want our creative students to be able to find their images (logos and illustrations) online through look-up services like Tineye. We're doing a quick whip-around with specialised image searches, Digimarc and Tineye.

After a visit of Christian Payne, I realised we need to equip our graduates with encryption skills. Therefore, our #LSADmedia graduates will know how PGP works. They will create public PGP fingers and list themselves in a PGP Key Server Directory. I will deliver an encrypted message to students, using PGP.

All of these skills form part of an ePub that LSAD creative multimedia students will produce in April. If their content meets my expectations, we will realise the compilation in Kindle and ePub format for use as a continuity file that could help upskill students in the Limerick Institute of Technology's creative multimedia degree programme.

[Bernie Goldbach is the senior creative multimedia lecturer at LIT.ie. Photo of @topgold's Moleskine prep session snapped with Lumia.]


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