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Seeking @sodshow Help to Fight Midges

Lighthouse Oil Lamp
Screenshot from Pinterest collection.

AS I NOTED in my weekly review of the Sunday papers, we have validated our need for scented oil and citronella because the midges are back with warmer weather. We want help from the Sodshow too.

In the meantime, a nice porcelain oil lamp from the Scandinavian shop might help. It reminds me of outdoor items my grandfather would use when setting up special garden parties for clients.

The 38cm mini beacon takes its inspiration from lighthouses along the Danish coast. Designed by Christian Bjorn, it won a prestigious Red Dot Award as well as the IF Industrial Design Award. I like its clean lines and user-friendly set up. The oil inside can be topped up easily without taking anything apart. We plan to add some scented oil for bonus aromas and to mix some citronella with the oil to deter the bugs.