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Photo snapped of Moodle Development by @topgold during Moodle Moot.

AT NEXT MONTH'S ICT in Education Conference, 100 teachers from around Ireland and the UK will share tech tools that work for them. I'm culling through a list that will percolate over to the conference website next week.

I pulled the list items from #edchatie cross-talk and from Charlie Wierzbicki. I hope readers offer feedback on my post by cross-tweeting.

Edtech that works for teachers

To create learning zones

To create digital quizzes

To quickly check opinions

To take notes while researching

To show a visual syllabus

To move through information

To provide instruction with visual data

To show real places in history

To leave voice instruction

To modify pictures

To give support with online reading

To send reminders via text

Edtech students like to use

To discuss content in writing

To gather research data

To collaborate beyond the classroom

To take notes while researching

To brainstorm

To show what they know

To make data easy to understand

To explain steps or annotate online

To think critically with maps or timelines

To summarise concisely

To think critically about images

To comment on curated collections

To set goals and track progress

The Youth Media Team at the Global Voices Conference will be surveying teachers on Saturday, May 10th, to determine if I should add any additional items to this list. I will update this blog post with any emerging details.