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When Teachers Talk

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Markers used by two resident artists.

OUR SENIOR INFANT often recites information coming directly from her classroom teachers. Last week, we learned that you should not end a normal sentence on a note of inquisitiveness.

I respect that advice because nearly every one of my American cousins talk that way? You know, with a little rhetorical twist when they pause for breath? I'm putting the question marks in this blog post to hear how Soundgecko reads this post? [1]

When Teachers Talk

We also got the opportunity to hear teachers at a public union meeting use their activist voices. They boomed into national radio and television with great effect. I felt their frustration. I have also felt their pain. But when I asked our senior infant, "Is that a teacher talking?" Mia stopped playing with her markers (shown above) and said "No". She has previously told me that I was using my outside voice when inside.

Mia isn't the only one who thinks a teacher's voice deserves special consideration. [2] I'm sure the topic will be discussed during the Global Voices Conference in Thurles on Saturday, May 10, 2014. [3]

[Bernie Goldbach teaches communications in the Limerick School of Art & Design.]

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