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Watching #typepadstatus as Service Resumes

Wondering about #Typepad Network Resilience

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Screenshot from many of my Typepad log-ins during five days.

I WATCHED my blog's webstats start to fade to nothing on Good Friday but then its entire support structure appeared to collapse during the Irish Easter holiday. Its slow return to form has me concerned for Say Media's network resilience.

I saw Seth Godin's blog push through my RSS subscriptions on Sunday, thanking Typepad for working hard to resurrect services. [1] But when several people on Twitter and Audioboo told me they saw the message "unknown domain" when checking my blog on Monday, I knew service was not restored.

I know DDoS attacks are vicious and can take days to resolve. They also challenge skilled network engineers. I wish Say Media provided specific details about what the engineers were doing to restore full service.

My big problem is I have mapped to an Irish domain name. The way I see it, that domain mapping has compounded my problem because it's at the Domain Name Server level that much of the Typepad mess is centred.

I'm pushing this update into Typepad's content management system even though full service is not restored to Europe five days after the initial DDos attack. Even though the blog post might not result in a viable hyperlink that points to blog content, the blog post title will push out to Twitter where some of my readers will get a hint about my broken blog.

[Bernie Goldbach has used Typepad for more than 11 years without a break in service.]

1. Seth Godin -- "Saying thank you in public three times" on Seth's Blog, April 19, 2014.