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Snakes in the Pipes

Snakes in Pipes
Photo by @topgold with Lumia.

I HOPE MY ability to publish media texts directly from my phone resumes because that would mean I have returned to daily blog and Audioboo updates. At the moment, it feels as though there are snakes in the pipes.

Ever since my blog host endured a DDoS attack, Typepad stopped processing items I sent from my handset to its services. And its file upload capability stopped too, meaning I could not attach audio or video files onto blog posts. This loss of capability hurts those with Windows Phones more than other mobile clients because a Windows Phone owner does not have an app that publishes content to Typepad.

I also discovered a snag that prevents me from sharing voice recordings with Audioboo. My Boomail account simply does not work on one account. I send the clips and don't even get a response from the Boomail server that they arrived. On another account, the clips generate a "could not process" error message. That indicates encoding problems at my end, something a separate piece of software will resolve.

But in the meantime, my workarounds involve using my laptop and that restricts the number of updates I can make in my mobile-dependent world.

[Sent mail2blog using Lumia 1520 O2 Typepad services.]