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Sunday Morning Newsround

Sunday News with Mustang and i8
Click photo to see Sunday newsround recorded with Lumia 1020.

ON A RAINY MAY Bank Holiday weekend in Ireland, I skimmed through three Irish broadsheets to create a 10-minute newsround for ex-pats who don't have the opportunity to flick through the pages in dead tree form.

Rundown follows.

Storyful has set up with FB Newswire. This could result in Facebook being as good a breaking news source as Twitter. [1]

Jane Ruffino contributes to the theme of #broculture with first person evidence. [2]

Along with several friends, I cannot fathom how no regulator or financial official appears to bear financial responsibility for the meltdown of the Irish financial system that Irish taxpayers continue to fund. The system appears to have been totally dysfunctional. [3]

Chris Horn knows you can spot an entrepreneur. Ireland's future can be secured only by fostering entrepreneurship. [4]

Cars in a greener future do not have to be boring. [5]

All three Sunday broadsheets in Ireland cover the rise of John McGuinness, chairman of the Public Accounts Committe. [6]

Like everyone else in Ireland, when I queue at banks, I encounter more touchscreens than tellers. [7]

I hadn't thought you could leverage an Innovation Voucher to figure out a way to order ebooks in your bookshop. That's what happened in Blessington Bookstore with Janet Hawkins. [8]

Key words, phrases and patterns bubble underneath every small enterprise. It pays to leverage those details. [9]

I have a two year old boy who wants an upright vacuum cleaner with a headlamp. [10]

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Sunday News with Clematis

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