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Measuring Active Engagement in Learning #ELSS14

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Photo of @topgold by Tina Coman.

THE DUBLIN ELEARNING Summer School is in full swing, asking "What impact is digital culture having on higher education?" Along with Eugene O'Loughlin in an #ELSS14 session [1], I will explore methods of measuring active engagement among learners in early 21st century third level classrooms.

I've started pulling together some notes on how I monitor and measure active learning in my third level modules. In my own work, I often start with a teaser on social media (on Twitter, Google Plus, Audioboo or YouTube) pointing towards a deep dive into essential reading material that should be mastered before a regularly scheduled classroom session. Many of my creative multimedia modules involve a collaborative element worth academic credit as part of the continuous assessment portion of the course. I favour buidling dyanamic content with Google Docs alongside an ePub production process that leverages Dropbox and Scrivener. With a little guidance, both the Google Docs and the ePubs can help the revision process. I also use Socrative quizzes to improve learning.

I used a Lumia 1020 phone to record a few thoughts on YouTube [2] about measuring active engagement.

I plan to record an Audioboo during Eugene and my #ELSS14 session and update this blog post later with a concise summary of a process I believe can result in effective measurement of active engagement in learning.

[Bernie Goldbach is the senior creative multimedia lecturer in the Limerick School of Art & Design.]

1. There's an ELSS14 event concerning measurement of active learning mechamisns.

2. The cameraphone YouTube clip is at