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Recalling First Words to Son

In the Bow
Dylan with Ruth and Mia snapped on Seafari.

EACH FATHERING DAY (that's Father's Day for Americans), I think of the next potential father in our family line. That could be Dylan (seated next to his mom in the photo).

I got a little sentimental about Dylan's first words, spoken so close to Father's Day in 2011. I put them under a blog post when he was one day old and plan to put them on this blog entry as well because I want to be able to find Dylan and me talking when I search for "first words to son". At the moment, people like Simon Cowell dominate the search results and I know little guys like Dylan deserve a look-in when people use Google to discover the diversity around the idea of talking to little men for the very first time.

First Words to Son

Below the break, there's an Audioboo from Dylan proudly singing his own Happy Birthday on his third birthday.