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Dangerous Cows

Friends over the FenceSnap of curious cows by @topgold using Nokia E90.

SINCE MY EARLIEST memories, I have listened to stories of cows. Recently, those stories come from Phil @daylightgambler Sorrell who never hesitates to identify a menacing bovine.

As a young boy, my mother's advice to the curious minds of her five sons was "watch the cows" and she was certain we'd figure out how the human reproductive process worked. After all, she picked up all the relevant facts while growing up on an Iowa farm. I have to admit that I wasn't certain until I paged through several shelves of books she kept from her nursing school and emergency room days. 


Thinking of Phil Sorrell and his sensitivity to field demons, I made an Audioboo about cows in England.

The audio clip concerns the demise of Montagu Norman, former governor of the Bank of England. The Great Depression didn't kill him. Something big in the field did. You can hear the story by listening to the audio clip.

[Bernie Goldbach creates Audioboos using the Lumia 1520's four on-board microphones.]