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New Cans

New Cans
Side shot snapped by @topgold with Lumia 520.

A SET OF SONY stereo headphones fell off the shelf of my local Tesco and into my shopping basket. So I paid EUR 22 for the MDR-ZX300 the same week that friends told me they got the neodymium magnet cans for $20.

They're more comfortable at 120g than the Beyerdynamics I've been using the past three years. But compared to the Beyerdynamic, the Sony MDR-ZX300 earcups are pants which means the headset works best for people with small ears. And because I work next to a server fan, I've noticed the earcups on the Sony headset do not isolate sound well. This means I can hear ambient noise along with the headset leaking to the outside world.

But I like the way the Sony MDR-ZX300 packs flat in my desk drawer, helping keeping the cord from tangling among the assorted gear I keep in my rabbit hole.