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Proof Windows Phone Has Arrived

Toca Boca Screenshot from Lumia 1520

OUR HOUSE TESTER (6yo Mia) discovered games from Toca Boca in the Windows Phone Store. She knows the Store password is a hex sequence she needs to know so she downloaded and installed two essential apps that I discovered through an automated email from Microsoft Billing.

We enjoy apps by Toca Boca and listen to Ruth Arnold as she explains new offerings from that stable of creatives. Toca Kitchen is young Dylan's favorite and Toca Hajr Salon 2 is Mia's preference. She would like it better if she could snap herself in the hair salon (iOS offers that facility) but enjoys the 6" version on my Lumia 1520.

It is nice to see Toca Boca emerge on Windows Phone. I see its presence as further proof of the mainstream emergence of Windows Phone.