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July 16, 2014

Rumbling Overhead and Onto My Phone

EUROPEAN SUMMERS BRING the rumble and whoosh of airshows to every place I've lived except southwest Germany. And with those spectacular events come a flow of images I enjoy on the home screen of my Lumia phone.

I think the big four engine bomber included in this blog post came complements of James Clay. My planespotting skills aren't good enough to identify the aircraft but I'm certain a few of my flying buddies are sharp enough to identify the make and vintage of this specific aluminum overcast. It doesn't have the vertical stabilisers of a Lancaster bomber but I can't make out the USAAF markings to determine if it's a Boeing B-17.


[Bernie Goldbach logged more than 3500 flying hours, most of them in multi-engine aircraft. The image appeared on the Lumia 1520's Glance Screen, served by Flickr Booth.]


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