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Time for Irish Suntans

Sunny in Cashel
Photo of Cashel's Town Square snapped by @topgold with Lumia 1520

THE CURRENT IRISH SUMMER is shaping up to be one filled with suntans in the departures area of Dublin Airport. It feels historic enough to record as a blog post.

The last summer that offered me the same warm sun-split experience was the summer of 1995, two years before I started blogging. I didn't keep a diary back then but I was active on Compuserve where I was talking to German school teachers who later crossed the Irish Sea for a two week holiday in Ireland. But I have no online record of those memories and I don't think I snapped any shots on film during that summer. But by the summer of 2004, I had digital records of another lovely summer, including glorious warm meadows around Kilkenny when I used Flickr to start archiving a photostream of my life. Ten years ago on Flickr seems like two generations ago.

I've more than 10,000 images on Flickr, nearly 100 videos, and notice nearly 1000 people every day viewing snaps I've uploaded to Flickr throughout the past decade. I continue to pay for Flickr because it has never abused my details, because it facilitates private photo sharing facilities with my creative multimedia students and because its hard cover photo albums are well appreciated by distant relatives. Long may it prosper.

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