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August 27, 2014

Exercise Helps You Think

Exercise-BikeI KNOW A STRONG exercise routine helps me think better and create more interesting learning experiences. I just cannot get back into the routine needed to take me to higher levels of creativity through high quality aerobic activity.

I talked to my six year old daughter (shown on this blog post from her first experience on an exercise bike) about trying to extend the swimming we've enjoyed together this past summer into the next six months. My goal--to get back into swimming a mile during a single session in the local pool. Hitting the pool four times a week with Mia on my back as I swam the 25m lengths gave me more strength than I realised I would enjoy during those fun-filled sessions.


A few things happened after I posted this short item on exercise. When its title appeared on Twitter, two different health and fitness accounts followed my @topgold stream. And then Conor O'Neill, an Irish developer whose judgment I trust, connected with me on RunKeeper. I felt pressure to perform in both instances.


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