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August 21, 2014

Learning Video with Lumia WP 8.1

World Class Tripod
Photo of Lumia 1020 on tripod. #edtech

ALONG WITH SEVERAL million others, I upgraded to Windows Phone 8.1 on Lumia and I stumbled into noteworthy video capture capabilities that will help me accelerate teaching and learning.

Several facts deserve mentioning after my initial fortnight making videos every day on the Lumia 1020.

1. The Lumia 1020, when used with a tripod or monopod, easily captures HD video that YouTube accepts directly without needing image stabilization at the server side. I can record at 1080p and upload directly to YouTube via Nokia Video Uploader. The app needs to be kept open for the uploads I create (many heavier than 500 MB in size).

2. Movie Jax on Lumia is the fastest way I have encountered to upload HD video to Facebook. I paid around two euro for the Movie Jax app and that gives me more than 30 seconds of uploading. The app lets me render text, stills, clips and music together on the phone. When I tap "publish" the finished clip launches Facebook behind the scene, starts uploading the clip and then advises me I the Notification Center when finished. I don't need to keep either the Movie Jax or Facebook apps open--uploads happen on their own as a background process.

3. Nokia Video Editor enables easy in-hand slicing of clips. Because I back up video when on wifi, this means I have both the original and edited versions in OneDrive. That has proven to be a valuable capability.

4. Because 1080p video editing is processor-intensive, I should go to Airplane Mode to kill all automatic data processes. When I fail to do that, I often crash my Lumia 1020. The phone crashes hard, loses its time and date and requires a five second long press to recover during most videos longer than four minutes, unless I kill the phone's connectivity.

These are early observations but I believe the Lumia 1020 offers easy in-hand video recording functionality in classrooms.

[Bernie Goldbach delivers multimedia storytelling workshops.]


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....always listening Bernie ;)

I think the world needs to see short sodshow clips made with Lumia.

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