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The Biggest Space of the Summer

Fire Brigade Parking
Photo with Lumia 1520.

I WILL REMEMBER the summer of 2014 as the time when I cleared out seven carloads of stuff from our garage and reclaimed the space. The possible utility of the space emerged during the summer.

The estate agent now calls the 250 square feet "shed". It has worked in that function when we cut wood there and paint objects on trestles. It has another 20 cubic feet of storage overhead that we put to good use.

The kids call it a playroom where they can ride around on their push bikes. They have also learned to use and stow the various brooms and brushes clipped to the walls after several have fallen on them after collisions.

I call it a garage. It is long enough to hold a 7-series BMW. But anybody parking inside the space needs to be aware of door scrapes. Since we have demonstrated that unfortunate side effect already, I am going to investigate bumpers for positions where the doors open against the concrete block walls.

All these prospects are real options after several weeks of recycling and planning and carpentry painting and cleaning in a five bedroom home for sale in Cashel.

Reclaiming Space